Raptor Territory

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Raptor Territory

Play as Deinonychus!

Slip into the Role of a Deinonychus! The target from you and your pack is to capture as much of the map as possible, but be careful! Other players are your enemy. Work together to defeat them!


About Our Game

You search for a new game where you can play as Dinosaur? You want to play with and/or against your friends? Then Raptor Territory is the perfect PC-Game for you! 

Get your friends, join a server and start tracking the map! The team with the biggest part of it wins. There are a lot of different maps, and after each update there are even more!
But be careful, other players want to kill you and rule the map before you do. With different game modes it won't be boring that fast.

You are too stressed right now? No problem, go alone or with your friends on a FreeRoam server and chill and chat there.

Every deinonychus is costumizable, you get new Skins from time to time while playing!

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